You know the type, the one who orders the Paint to Sample Porsche, or the Audi exclusive Avant. This particular sort of car enthusiast tends to prefer something more unique, and something tailored to their own tastes. Given fine timepieces are often synonymous with fine automobiles, what sort of watch do you think this type of buyer prefers? We suspect Bamford Watch Department knows.

Much as manufacturers like Porsche with their Paint to Sample program or customization firms like Singer are more than willing to build you a 911 tailored exactly to your tastes, Bamford is prepared to do the same to some of your favorite chronographs.

What you see here are a selection of TAG Heuer models we’ve found from Bamford. As you can see, virtually any aspect of a TAG can be modified to met your taste. They’ve even got their fair share of configurators on their website, though hardly limited to the countless types and models of watches out there.

If you’re intrigued with such customized chronographs as we are, we’d wager you should check out Bamford’s website HERE or go ahead and follow their Facebook fan page HERE.


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