While motorcycles and motorcycling are very loosely within the realm of what we cover here at ChoiceGear, we’re big on tailored product with an automotive theme. To that end, we’ve run across Veldt, a French helmet brand that can make you head protection tailored to your design.

These cool helmet designs certainly look like something out of motorsport racing history. Go one even further and throw in a Michel Vaillant / Rebellion licensing and you really get the sense of it. Michel Vaillant of course is the French comic book racecar driver and that character’s pairing with Rebellion in the WEC ties this all to Le Mans.

So, whether you’ve got a sweet custom cafe racer or simply put around town on your Vespa, it seems you can do it in tailored style with one of these helmets. Check out more, including a trick configurator on their website at Veldt.xyz.


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