1934 Mercedes-Benz 200 Jaray – 1:43 Scale by AutoCult

AutoCult continues their line of scale model cars for fans of obscure automotive design with this Paul Jaray-designed Mercedes-Benz 200 streamliner. – George@ChoiceGear


Apparel of Time

Paul Jaray, who was born in Vienna in 1899, was one of the significant pioneers of design for aerodynamics for vehicles.

As early as the 1920s, he registered a patent for an aerodynamically performed body shape. The central point of Jarays´ streamline idea was always the search for a shape, which would be so aerodynamically perfect that absolutely no turbulences by interruptions in the car body were possible. According to his wishes, the underbody of the vehicle should also be like a cover which is executed as an exactly parallel-running area of the street. Paul Jaray made a lot of experiments and was realizing his own car bodies on many chassis of well-known car manufacturers.

In the first half of the 1930s, he was also taking care of the body work for the Mercedes-Benz 200. He formed a car body around the chassis, as a right-hand drive version, and his design was manufactured of metal by the Swiss car body specialist Huber & Brühwiler. In 1934, this unique model was presented to the public on the Geneva Salon for the first time. A lot of visitors were very inspired, however no manufacturer was found to go into production with its shape. Jaray was not discouraged and started a big advertising tour across Europe, with his unique car, to convince potential customers to consider production. However, his office did not receive orders after his advertising tour.

The unique Mercedes-Benz 200 survived the chaos of war in undamaged condition and before the end of the 1940 the definitive end was coming for the Swabian reconstructed vehicle because its engine was completely damaged.

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