Aston Martin DB 4 GT
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1961 Aston Martin DB 4 GT by Make Up Co., LTD (1:43 scale)

Japanese model maker Make Up Co., LTD captures every detail in this 1:43 scale model of the Aston Martin DB 4 GT.


Product Description

We modeled DB4GT Zagato who participated in the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race of 1961.In this product, it is a model that reproduced DB4GT Zagato of car number 1 entered by “Jean Kerguen” in one of three players.

The 0180 / L DB4GT Zagato entered by French driver Jean Kelgen is an individual who participated in a combination with the same French “Frank” Jacques Duesse. 0180 / L was running at a good position ninth overall, another hour it retired due to electrical trouble in the goal.



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