1969 Mercedes-Benz C111 Sacco – 1:43 Scale by AutoCult

Mercedes connoisseurs likely know the gullwing C111 design study, but we’re guessing they’ve never seen this more obscure version designed by Bruno Sacco. – George@ChoiceGear


The Alternative

There is an episode in the history of Mercedes-Benz, which did not lose any fascination in the course of its time – the Wankel engine project in the stylish C111 with its gullwing doors.

It was called an internal rolling experimental laboratory and the construction and design project was headed up by the Italian Bruno Sacco. In 1969, the realization of the first vehicle was beginning and was met with great enthusiasm by the press and was showing a previously unknown sportiness by Mercedes-Benz. While the orange-colored version became officially known, Bruno Sacco was creating his own version. This version did not appear so rapid, but it embodied more elegance and it was shaped by an arrow-like alignment. The version of Bruno Sacco was also taking over the completely seamless flush-embedded pop-up headlights, gullwing doors and the “Flunder artige” appearance; however it looked very harmonious to the viewer, tastefully and was even exuding luxury, compared with the C111 study, which was made public and embodied simple and uncompromising sporty rapidness with its orange-colored dress. Graceful round shapes of the silver-colored C111 of Bruno Sacco were showing to many Mercedes fans more closeness to in-house products as the other futuristic-looking experimental vehicle. The Sacco study corresponded to the principle of the, at the time, 36-years old Bruno Sacco, who always stressed that the design of Mercedes should always receive a maximum of innovation in respect of tradition of Mercedes-Benz and should always be identified as Mercedes-Benz all over the world.

Just like the continued C111 study until 1979, as well as the realized version of Sacco, did not go into series production, although Mercedes-Benz always emphasize that a lot of components brought a benefit from the 10-years long research for the future and the series production.


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