Tan Interstate 90 Driving Shoes by Allen Edmonds

These extremely comfortable driving shoes from Allen Edmonds are the epitome of style and function.  Whether you are driving on a curvy mountain road or relaxing with your friends, the Interstate 90 driving shoe will fit any scenario.



It is fitting that Interstate 90 spans the United States from sea to shining sea, because its namesake shoe is taking its place alongside the Boulder and Ventura Hwy as the newest star in our line of drivers. The clean lines of this Venetian, which are accentuated by the contrast stitching on the vamp and burnishing on the leather, make it look like the footwear equivalent of a classic coupe. The Dario rubber sole is great for traction while driving or walking and also gives this shoe its distinct look, especially when you choose the Navy Fargo leather. Both styles are unlined for a great fit with or without socks, so that no matter where you go the Interstate 90 allows you to bring comfort and style along for the ride.

Details: AllenEdmonds.com 


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