Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron Watch Winder by OriginTimes

What do you do when you only have two arms but sixteen watches that need constant motion to self wind?  Also, you absolutely love your Bugatti Veyron in the garage and would love to have the engine as a piece of household decor?  Well never fear, OriginTimes has this watch winder made from a real W16 engine out of the Veyron.  Whoa…



BUGATTI EB 16.4 “Veyron”. W-motor, 2 x V8 banks in 90 degree, 16 cylinders, 4 turbo-chargers, 7.9 liter displacement, 64 valves, 1001 hp engine output and 1,250 Nm torque, maximum speed 406 km/h, 0-300 km/h in less then 14.0 seconds – fitted here with 16 x ORIGINTIMES modules.

A unique statement of the extraordinary watch-collector or is it more an interior design object? In any case only a limited number of fans will have the chance to enjoy this watch winder by ORIGINTIMES.

Unique engine-building ability meets up-to-date watch winder technology. The BIG BLOCK WINDER is a combination of a BUGATTI “Veyron” motor block with 16 winder modules and an extraordinary intelligent and easy to use control unit.

By an intuitive user interface, this touch panel allows the programming of each individual watch winder module. The layout of the interface symbolizes the arrangement of the watch winder modules. Direction, start and stop timing as well as sleeping modes can be selected according to any automatic watch. Notwithstanding a speed winding mode is also available. All modules can be addressed simultaneously if required. During stop-, pause- and sleeping-mode, each watch automatically aligns in a “12 o’clock” position.

No matter whether you decide to choose the BIG BLOCK WINDER with the pedestal or without it, it is an impressive object from any perspective. Above this fact, it combines the extraordinary with the useful and therefore it is the perfect symbiosis to keep 16 automatic watches wounded up all the time.



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