Esavox Carbon Fiber Docking Station Speaker by Lamborghini

Ferruccio Lamborghini used to pay careful attention to people at the sides of the road. If they did not turn around in astonishment, the car’s style was simply not attractive enough.  That same idea carries through to the collection at the Lamborghini Store.  The style and design in the collection will astound you.



The Automobili Lamborghini carbon fibre docking station speaker is the result of an exclusively Italian collaboration between the Raging Bull firm and iXOOST. Meticulous research of the Lamborghini design has led iXOOST to create an object that immediately recalls the style of Lamborghini. ESAVOX has been produced like an extreme car: monocoque chassis in carbon fiber, polymerised in autoclave at 6 bar, original Lamborghini exhaust system with bass reflex pressure control, passive shock absorber system to dampen vibrations of the speakers and ceramic supports with variable height. Each part of the audio system has been made exclusively by hand by the best craftsmen; those who have made history of the Italian Land of Motors, and who still create the supercars of the present and future. SPECIFICATIONS – 6.1 virtual surround system – Bluetooth® 4.0 – Analogue input – DSP 24 bit ADC/DAC OUTPUT- 800 Watt. DIMENSIONS | 125 cm x 65 cm x 50 cm | WEIGHT- approx. 53 kg. Made in Italy.

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