Mercedes-Benz 280TE AMG by Otto Mobile (1:18 scale)

Otto Mobile are car and scale model enthusiasts.  They make faithful scale models that manufacturers never will.  Their philosophy is to offer the models to collectors in limited series, present at least one new model a month, & please as many people as possible.  They’ve accomplished that.  Check their website frequently to see the newest models.



The first real sports estate car was the work of Mercedes Benz and its in-house manufacturer AMG. Reputed for its legendary reliability, this 4,72 meter long German car saw its production span from October 1981 to January of 1986, and was during this time Queen of them all. Its atmospheric 6 cylinder engine allowed it transport whole families along with their luggage on the German motorways at speeds above 200 km/h. Its performances revolutionized the world of estate cars, and its AMG bodywork kit made this estate a true sports car.



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