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Porsche 919 Hybrid by Porsche (1:8 scale)

Over the decades, Porsche race cars have been responsible for writing motorsports history. Feel like a part of the winning team with this 1:8 scale Porsche 919 Hybrid from the Porsche Driver Selection collection.


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The Porsche Le Mans 919 Hybrid model car is now available in a resin 1:8 scale, allowing refined reproduction of the details found on the original. LIMITED EDITION. 100
The doors and the rear engine cover can be opened to allow a glance at the elaborate miniatures of the cockpit and engine. The model car will be shipped together with a showcase. On the carbon-coated socket there will be a badge stating the limitation number of the model (001/100), along with all relevant figures about the race performance of the 919 Hybrid and the signatures of the drivers.

– Authentic scale reproduction accurate to one tenth of a millimeter.
– Created with a combination of digital machining, traditional engineering and hand crafting skills.
– Manufactured with a technology used to create prototypes in the automotive design industry.
– Smaller parts made of aluminum and pewter.
– Authentic paints sprayed, cut and polished by hand.
– Over 3,000 hours of work by a small team of model car makers.



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