Ronnie Peterson Sticker by RetroMotoring & Co.

Ronnie Peterson was a two-time runner-up in the FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Championship and one of the fastest drivers of his time. This t-shirt honors his legacy as the “Super Swede”.

With their premium apparel and accessories, RetroMotoring & Co. pays tribute to motorsports history. Relive the golden years with designs that feature the drivers, teams, and liveries beautifully captured by RetroMotoring & Co.


102x69mm high quality sticker.

Remembered as one of Formula One’s fastest and most dynamic drivers, the Ronnie Peterson name is synonymous with excitement. Ronnie’s aggressive approach and sideways style of driving delighted F1 fans across the globe and earned him the recognition as the Super Swede. Few things were as enchanting about F1 as watching the Super Swede slide his March, Tyrrell and Lotus around the track as if he were on a rally course. From his early successes in kart racing to his strong performances in Formula One, Ronnie Peterson would leave behind a legacy that would inspire for years to come. Permission Granted by the Peterson family.

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