“Super Sport” Raceway by Slot Mods Raceways

Here’s the thing they don’t tell you about slot car kit tracks. They take up a lot of floor space, because you likely don’t have a table big enough to create a really cool layout above deck. On top of that, they start to lose their luster when your loved one is trying to vacuum, the dog walks through your space when you’re putting down a solid lap time, or the crap controller that comes with the more affordable set is impossible to modulate. They’re temporary, and in as much they spend more time in the box. That’s a shame though, which is why the latest offering from Slot Mods Raceways really speaks to us…

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This brand new raceway offers-up all of the same Slot Mods racing and excitement you’d get on our “ORIGINS” raceway, but with an even lower entry fee. Perfect for a game room, garage, basement, office or mancave. “THE RACE IS ON!” ~Founder: David Beattie

Included Items with the “SUPER SPORT” Raceway

  • 2, 1/32 scale, analog slot cars, *Models subject to availability
  • 2, professional grade controllers
  • Variable power supply for track, LED lighting and cars.
  • Made to order. Buildtime approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • 1-year warranty on controllers and transformer. (cars are tested before shipping)

Track features

  • 4′ x 8′, hand-painted, 13 ply, birch track.
  • Optional birch Track Supports with acrylic inserts.
  • Skid marks, painted black and white safety curbs and PVC retaining wall.
  • One piece unit made of 13 ply, clearcoat birch w/accent LED lighting underneath.

Details: SlotMods.com 



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