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Tesla Race-Cut Jersey by Tesla

Tesla took the world by storm when they introduced the Tesla Roadster in 2008. Their vehicles portray beauty in the form of technology. The items in the Tesla Gear store are designed with the same thought in mind.


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The Tesla Race Jersey allows you to reach your potential in situations that require speed and endurance.

The Tesla Race Jersey use a fabric with a multi-dimensional thread structure on the inside that keeps the touch points of the fabric to skin to a minimum (thus, no sticking to the skin).

Weight 135 grams (size medium)
Fabric SuperWickTWO™ – an open weave, super-wicking Italian stretch Fabric.
Stitching Over lock – a smooth, almost seamless stitch technique that eliminates thread ridge.
Tagless No tags, no chafing, no problem.
Zipper One-Finger Quick Action pull. In the down position it is locked in place, in the up position it will open easily with a tug on the jersey. Great for quick ventilation during long hot climbs.
Gripper Long-lasting, no-crack silicone for durability.
Graphics Digital printed using the latest ink technology, producing vibrant Graphics.
Storage Traditional three rear pockets provide ample room to store tools, water bottle and grub for long rides or unsupported races.
Care Instructions Wash in cold water, hang dry and fold. Clothing will survive several spins in the drier, but it’s advised to hang dry for optimal results. Wash items with velcro in a separate cycle. Velcro is the single biggest destroyer of performance cycling wear.

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