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Unisex Collector’s 901 T-Shirt by Porsche

Over the decades, Porsche race cars have been responsible for writing motorsports history. Feel like a part of the winning team with this limited edition 1963 901 t-shirt from the Porsche Classic Collection.



Unisex. Comes in an exclusive metal box. Extremely soft T-shirt quality. 100% cotton. In grey/beige.

Design Story:When you look at old sketches of the 901 from 1963, you realize just how brilliant the design was, because today, more than 50 years later, it still looks modern. The technical sketches depict the pure form of the car. With no shiny chrome and paintwork sparkling in the sun to distract you, you can see just how powerful the lines are. That’s why we take our hats off to designers like Prof. F. A. Porsche. We commemorate their achievements in the lifestyle accessories of the Classic Collection. We remember those who have brought beauty not to our walls, but to our streets instead.

Technical Information:

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