The Audi brand’s penchant for both scale model cars and also for beautiful graphic calendars continues to exhibit itself in the brand’s Miniaturkalender. Several months ago we published photos from their intriguing making-of view behind the scenes of the piece, on up through February. Now, they’re sharing more from March to July.

There’s no doubt that car manufacturers invest richly in impossibly polished photo sets in order to help sell their cars. See a new model drop such as last week’s Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and it doesn’t take much to find the photo studio responsible for the work showing its wares on Facebook in unison with the launch. In today’s age of CGI pervading all sorts of media, it’s a pleasure to see this rich tradition in photography continuing, expanding even with more niche work such as these works commissioned for such a calendar.

For March, the subject is the Audi TT coupé. In this shot, the car is chasing the northern lights down a bridge and into the far-off mountains. Its makers site it as a Scandinavian backdrop, though cleaner and more controlled than any shot of the Northern lights anyone might hope to get out in the wild.


With April come the proverbial showers, though that’s not stopping this TT Roadster. The synthesized clouds may look ominous, but here the scale model convertible appears to blast down what looks like a Scottish highway.

One of the more captivating of the creations must surely be that of May. Likely made with the Chinese market in mind, here a Misano Red Audi S1 travels down a winding boardwalk overtop a red beach. It is both the most detached from reality, but also the most attention-getting of the group.

For June, photographers simulate a mountain pass in Thailand (thus traveling on the left side of the road). Here, an R8 coupe races towards a blue sea.

We’d love to know the story behind the intended July shoot. The car in question is Audi’s menacing 90 IMSA GTO racer, though far from the North American racing circuit backdrops more synonymous with the car and its history. Here, it’s blasting through the desert as if on some abandoned stretch of highway in the Middle East, or in some post apocalyptic Mad Max sort of background. Either way, it makes the already intense 90 racer look even more purposeful.

Check out more on the Audi Miniaturkalendar HERE.


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