Two of Los Angeles car enthusiasts’ favorite firms have joined together for a new apparel lineup and we suspect petrolheads will be most pleased. Porsche 356 builders Emory Motorsports is the focus for a range of goods from the hip storefront and clothing brand known as Period Correct.

Most who know of Rod Emory and the company that bears his name. For those who don’t, Rod’s family effectively began the Porsche “outlaw” movement when they first began modding 356s long before modding these much-loved Porsches was much appreciated. They were effective “outlaws” at the many Porsche clubs and concours, and the name just stuck.

Back to Emory, his long lineage in the space also goes back to his dad’s former business known as Parts Obsolete. Longtime fans of magazines like VW & Porsche (more recently European Car and most recently canceled) will remember that name as a source for rare and hard to find Porsche parts. Though that operation no longer operates, the name and its spirit live on in the halls of the Emory Motorsports shop.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles is the hip brick and mortar storefront known as Period Correct. We’ve seen them pair with other automotive businesses and brands before, and recall their recent pairing with Audi collection for a line of Sport quattro branded goods. Here again, they’ve stuck to their style of black and white clothing and created a range for Emory Motorsports.

There’s a fair collection here to be sure, from vintage T-shirts to a leather key fob. Our particular favorites are the shirt featuring Emory’s shop dubbed the “Stacked Photo” shirt, not to mention the Workshop Jacket and Werks Apron. See the items in our gallery below or purchase them via the Period Correct online store HERE.


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