We’ve likely all seen those printed paper foldable model car plans… be they nicely printed card stock books at the local craft store, or simply Google image searchable rainy day kid activities. And, while they may be from the same paper genre, Paper Legend takes the idea of foldable paper models to a whole new and detailed level… one you may consider hanging on your wall as art.

So far, there are five iconic cars “immortalized” (quotes because… paper) and available on the Paper Legend website. While their Land Rover Defender (dubbed Geländenwagen… because German) and Marlboro F1 car may be fully 3-D, others like their F40, Stratos and 935 are artfully sliced and seemingly done so for more of a wall art application.

So the question is, do you build it clean and as shown, or do you break out the Mr. Sharpies and add a livery? Tempting…

Check them out HERE.





Marlboro F1



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