1951 NSU Kompressor-Weltrekordwagen by AutoCult (1:43 scale)

AutoCult continues their line of scale model cars for fans of obscure automotive design with this 1951 NSU Kompressor-Weltrekordwagen. – George@ChoiceGear


The year 1951 marked a milestone in the corporate history of NSU-Werke. In this year NSU achieved two world records in the motorcycle category on a cordoned off autobahn.

NSU provided the time frames, which accrued between such record runs, also to others. On 12 April 1951 the duo Georg von Opel and Ferdi Lehder with their flat and streamlined car were on hand. “NSU Kompressor” (German for supercharger) was written in big letters on the semicircular front hood. But the car, which looked like an official NSU vehicle at first sight, had only a little to do with the NSU factory. The only similarity was a 500cc-supercharged engine, which was willingly provided by NSU. The car itself based on the own initiative of the 38-year old Georg von Opel; grandson of company founder Adam Opel. Not a Moment to soon for the 12th April the racecar, which based on an LTE-chassis, was completed. With its upright vane at the rear, its metal-sheet covered wheels and a silhouette with a height of only 70 centimeters the car had the ideal characteristics to break existing records. Optically the racecar was coated with silver car paint paired with a black stripe, which ran around the whole body. The engine was mounted straight on site and both drivers attempted to set new records in the 500cc class. Georg von Opel achieved a top speed of 120.2 km/h over the distance of 1 kilometer and Ferdi Lehder achieved a speed of 138.5 km/h over the distance of 1 mile. Both records were set out of a standing start. In the autumn of 1951 both drivers got the chance to broaden their range of records. Ferdi Lehder targeted the 500cc class and drove a new all-time high over the distance of 1 kilometer with a top speed of 261.6 km/h out of a flying start. Over the distance of 1 mile he achieved a top speed of 254.3 km/h, over 5 miles 256 km/h and over 10 miles 249,2 km/h; all runs out of a flying start. On the second day the car was fitted with a 350cc engine for Adam von Opel. He also completed his runs successfully out of a flying start. Over 1 kilometer, 1 mile and 10 kilometer he achieved the top speed of 213 km/h, 212 km/h and 193,4 km/h.
In all mentioned events the previous records were beaten.

Today the car is part of the exhibition at Automuseum PROTOTYP in Hamburg, Germany.

Details: AutoCult.de


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