1956 Tatra JK 2500 by AutoCult (1:43 scale)

AutoCult continues their line of scale model cars for fans of obscure automotive design with this 1956 Tatra JK 2500.

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The engineer Julius Kubinski moved to Brünn in 1946. There he earned his living as a designer in the motor vehicle industry and in 1951 began the project with the company’s internal number JK 009. He got free planning from his employer and opted for a very sporty, two-seat passenger car. He looked to Italy for adequate examples.

The engineer and his 16 employees created financial and material bottlenecks, a sporty sports car that could be measured visually with its southern models. In 1954 the car was finished and listened to the type designation JK 2500 – the initials of its builder and the number for the displacement of the engine. Somewhat disappointing finally the driving showed, because the engine developed only 75 hp and accelerated the 1,160 kg heavy two-seater to only 170 km / h. The car was presented for the first time in a professional magazine in January 1956, and it also seemed to the state leaders in the then CSSR so well that the state company TATRA was commissioned to test an implementation in series. Until a final decision was made it still lasted until 1956, But then the sports car at the TATRA factory was scrutinized more closely. Now the standard 8-cylinder engine of the passenger car type 603 was installed and by further tuning the car now reached an end speed of almost 210 km / h. TATRA internal calculations and a two-week intensive test phase led to the realization that nearly 20 million krones would have incurred costs to develop a prototype series of passenger cars from the prototype.

However, this was too much for government operations and meant at the same time the end of the prototype. Ing. Julius Kubinski got his car back and drove him privately 13 more years before he sold him.

Details: AutoCult.de 


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