1958 Volkswagen Beetle “WOLFSBURGER BÄHNLE” by AutoCult (1:43 scale)

AutoCult continues their line of scale model cars for fans of obscure automotive design with this 1958 Volkswagen Beetle “Wolfsburger Bahnle”. – George@ChoiceGear


Sightseeing with a Difference

Often the sentimental worth of some everyday habit isn’t realized. Wolfsburger Bähnle * “was decommissioned in 1976.” Wolfsburg “was the first of its kind in Germany.

A community transportation company had the idea of ​​a unique sightseeing tour through the city of Wolfsburg. The famous bodybuilder Friedrich Rometsch from Berlin. The company Hermann Harmening made an additional trailer, as the result of Rometsch; A version of the Beetle with six seats; Couldn’t meet the enormous demand. From 1958 the 14-meter long train, in tow of a Volkswagen Beetle, Within a short time the “Bähnle” became an integral part of the Wolfsburg cityscape. Due to the fact that the speed of 50 km / h, which wasn’ta difficulty for its 30 hp-strong boxer engine.

After 15 years of deep sleep the Beetletrain was a revival by the foundation Volkswagenwerk in the museum AutoMuseum. In 2003 the city of Wolfsburg ceded the “Bähnle” to Volkswagen with the target to restore it and to bring it back into service in the Autostadt, the visitor attraction at the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg.

* (“Bähnle”: German dialect term for little train)

*This item is not a toy

Details: AutoCult.de 


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