1959 Mickey Thompson Challenger 1 Land Speed Car by RepliCarz (1:18 scale)

RepliCarz is a family owned business located in Rutland, Vermont.  For over twenty years, they have been providing enthusiasts with high quality scale models.  These examples show the caliber of product you can expect from RepliCarz.



An all new series of 1:18 resin cast Land Speed Car models produced by Replicarz. This is the 1959 Mickey Thompson Challenger 1. Highly detailed and very accurate reproduction. Superb paint and graphics, these high end scale models are sure to stand out in your 1:18 collection. Measuring at 13 inches in length and weighing over five pounds, these impressive Land Speed replicas will make a statement when displayed in your home, office, or business reception area. This is a sealed body resin model with no opening features. The cockpit is detailed and visible through the cockpit windows.

Details: RepliCarz.com, Buy it on Amazon.com


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