1961 VW T1 Doppelkabine Langpritsche by AutoCult (1:43 scale)

For those with the most eclectic automotive tastes, the cars German model manufacturer AutoCult chooses to put into production are a delight to consider. Even the most knowledgable likely isn’t aware of all the obscurities this firm has brought back in 1:43 scale resin-bodied form, so watching their new product news isn’t just useful in keeping up with new models, but also in receiving an education into the deepest of automotive trivia.



If it does not fit, use a bigger hammer!

As no car maker of the racing scene offered an affordable and practical racing transporter, the racing community just created their own ones. Automotive developments like the Tempo Matador in Germany or the countless conversions based on the Morris in Great Britain remained niche vehicles and soon, due to its global popularity, the Volkswagen Transporter came into focus of the racing teams. A second-hand VW was affordable and after the extension of the loading area ideally qualified for the transportation of a racecar. The only requirement was – the basic vehicle had to be the platform version.

The necessary extension of the platform, to offer enough space for transporting a racecar, required a considerable effort, as it entailed a big interference into the whole architecture of the vehicle. A suitable, precisely fitting middle part of the chassis – both the frame and lateral sheet metal parts – had to be removed from another platform version and afterwards seamlessly fitted with craftsmanship into the designated gap right before the rear axle. With this more or less “simple” solution it was possible to individually extend the platform version of the VW Transporter. The VW Transporter was perfectly qualified for the extension due to its chassis with its lateral sheet metal parts that offered great stability even after fitting the new middle part. But as suited as the VW Transporter was it has to be said that due to its extended wheelbase the handling of the car was worsened, which was primarily reflected in a increased turning cycle.

Nevertheless these VW racing transporters met with great global response. They were not only used in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium also many US racing teams saw the potential of the VW.

Details: AutoCult-Models.de


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