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1964 Irish Green Porsche 901 by CMC (1:18 scale)

CMC makes faithful replicas of the original based on exhaustive research and meticulous attention to detail. Each model is hand assembled from hundreds if not thousands of parts that are of the finest quality such as stainless steel, leather, or textiles. This award winning brand is essential to the premium model collector.


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On the 12th of September in 1963, Porsche introduced the Type 901 as the successor of the Porsche 356 at the IAA in Frankfurt. Just one year later, with the 901 poised to go into series production, it was presented to the public eye again at the Parisian Autosalon. Peugeot intervened because they owned the copyright for all three digit model designations with a “0” in the middle. But before Porsche was able to make the amends, production of the Type 901 had already got off the ground on September 14, 1964, and a total of 82 units were delivered by the factory.

All of them carried the type designation “901”. Subsequently, the 901 became the 911, a legendary 3-digit designation that still raises the heartbeat of every sports car enthusiast. Back in the 1950’s, Porsche was rethinking the configuration of car bodies. A final design was developed by his son Ferdinand Alexander. Based on an aesthetics that emphasized clear and simple beauty, he worked out a line management that was fully in tune with the spirit of the 60s. Ferry Porsche was succinct when he said later: “This type shaped the unique character of all Porsche sports cars.” Even little boys started to dream of owning a 911 in the future. Those who were unable to afford one eventually had received at least a miniature as a birthday present, and the treasured gift tended to be assigned a place of honour on their rack.

By now the 901, or the subsequent 911, has won an established spot in the sports car Olympus. To those that are still dreaming – and essentially to all model fans – CMC now offers the 901 in a most faithful and gorgeously-crafted replication. It is composed of 971 single parts. Finally, the Porsche 901 has a miniature that does justice to its original and unparalleled beauty.



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