1970 Porsche 914/6 Heuliez Murene by AutoCult (1:43 scale)

For those with the most eclectic automotive tastes, the cars German model manufacturer AutoCult chooses to put into production are a delight to consider. Even the most knowledgable likely isn’t aware of all the obscurities this firm has brought back in 1:43 scale resin-bodied form, so watching their new product news isn’t just useful in keeping up with new models, but also in receiving an education into the deepest of automotive trivia.



At the sight of the 1969 presented first Porsche Type 914 matured at the French company Brissonneau & Lotz the idea that this car deserved a much nicer outfit. The responsible designer Jacques Cooper was considered the driving force in the company, which was committed to designing such an attractive body that it was assumed that the management at Porsche would be thrilled.

In order to put the shape drawn by Cooper into reality, in 1970 the company bought a Porsche 914/6. Unfortunately, the financial situation of the French company was not at its best at this time, which meant that the design project was no longer being pursued. Jaques Cooper was apparently so convinced of his idea that he was looking for another company to realize his project. He found what he was looking for in Louis Heuliez SA. Convinced that their newly disguised Porsche was a first-class success, the company Louis Heuliez SA presented the car at its booth at the Paris Salon in October 1970. To ensure journalists’ attention, a press release was distributed on September 28th invited to visit booth 14 in hall C. Heuliez Murène could be found on the nameplate – the moray eels Cooper’s inspiration for designing his new look. However, the hoped-for enthusiasm from the house of Porsche or Volkswagen remained completely out – not even a reaction was known.

This may have been extremely bitter for the French manufacturer, but Henri Heuliez was still realistic enough that he knew that marketing on his own account would not bring success in the fight with the two German companies and pursued the project no further.

Details: autocult-models.de


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