1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV With V12 Engine display by Make Up Co., LTD (1:43 scale)

Legend has it that Ferruccio Lamborghini wasn’t too keen on a sports car for his lineup but his engineers went against his wishes and the Miura was created. Japanese model maker Make Up Co., LTD captures every detail in this 1:43 scale model even down to the V12 engine on its own stand.



Wheels with fine details and tail lamps can be said to be the main attractions. The inside of the slit on the front bonnet looks transparent through the microscopic etching parts, and the filler cap can be confirmed from the outside. The slit in the air intake part behind the side window which is one of the Miura’s charm point also reproduces the etched parts one by one. In addition, the details around the V12 engine peeps by flickering over the rear louver.

The model to be released this time has the V12 engine installed in Miura is set. Head covers, cylinders, engine blocks, etc. which are the core of the engine accurately model reinforced ribs. Supplements such as carburettor, alternator, water pump etc. are also three dimensional reproduced. The muffler combines complicatedly curved pieces one by one to create an atmosphere just like an actual car. By combining as many as 34 parts with an engine of about 17 mm, we are making precise details.

The big black acrylic pedestal has a special finishing with a commemorative logo and a Lamborghini emblem on the chrome finish Miura’s birthday birth anniversary.

Details: MakeUpCoLTD.co.jp


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