1974 Phoenix Red Volkswagen Jeans Beetle by Otto Mobile (1:18 scale)

Otto Mobile are car and scale model enthusiasts.  They make faithful scale models that manufacturers never will.  Their philosophy is to offer the models to collectors in limited series, present at least one new model a month, & please as many people as possible.  They’ve accomplished that.  Check their website frequently to see the newest models.



Volkswagen’s introduction of the Jeans Beetle series in 1973 came as a surprise to the automotive world – and the absolute delight of Beetle fans. It was fresh, bright, youthful and it was casually dressed. In an automotive world that generally placed value on a car proportional to its sparkling trim and luxury fittings it was shocking. It dared to have black external trim instead of chrome and it dared to wear its jeans wherever it went. It was economical, fun and broke traditions. It transports you back to the halcyon days of 1974 when bright paintwork colours were “in” and when going everywhere in your Jeans was the quintessential style of the Seventies.

Details: OttoModels.com 



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