1984 Citroen CX 2.5 GTI Turbo 2 by Otto Mobile (1:18 scale)

Otto Mobile are car and scale model enthusiasts.  They make faithful scale models that manufacturers never will.  Their philosophy is to offer the models to collectors in limited series, present at least one new model a month, & please as many people as possible.  They’ve accomplished that.  Check their website frequently to see the newest models.



Launched in October of 1984, the CX GTI Turbo gave birth to several versions. A first series was produced for barely more than a year before being replaced by a second, having been redesigned to resemble the current sedan design. The Turbo 2 would keep this style in mind but included an Intercooler improving its performance. Made famous by its publicity starring Grace Jones, the CX GTI quickly became the queen of the motorway thanks to its exceptional comfort and performances worthy of the best German sedans.

Details: OttoMobile.com 


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