1986 Audi quattro S1 Gruppe B Monte Carlo by Otto Mobile – 1:12 Scale

There’s no doubt that Gruppe B is one of the most legendary formulas in rallying history. The so-called “Killer Bs” had gotten so potent that some said they were too fast to be safe. Amongst these rallying supercars was the Audi quattro Sport S1. Otto Mobile has recreated just this sort of car in 1:12 scale with this 1986 Rallye Monte Carlo entry, driven that year by Walter Röhrl and Christian Geistdorfer.


The quattro Sport S1 (or E2) is an evolution of the quattro Sport and stands out mainly by the numerous aerodynamic components, giving it a particularly ravaged look. Apart from one lone victory, its remains the symbolic model of Audi Rallye. With 550hp, it’s also the most powerful car to have been entered in the World Rallye Championships. Presented here, in its nocturnal configuration from the 1986 Monte-Carlo Rallye equipped with six additional imposing headlights and specific asphalt rims.

  •  May 2016
  •  AU004
  •  500
  •  1/12th
  •  Rallye Monte-Carlo 1986 – #2
  •  1986

More Information: Otto-Models.com


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