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2012 Nissan GT-R GT3 V100-C RTR by Vaterra (1:10 scale)

This Vaterra Nissan GT-R GT3 RTR is AWD like the real thing and it looks sensational.  It sits on the versatile V100-C chassis and upgrades are available.  Be prepared to dominate the neighborhood RC races.



Experience the thrill of GT3 class racing with this outstanding, ready-to-run replica of the 2012 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. It comes just as you see here with an officially licensed GT3 body in place. Underneath the body is a versatile Vaterra™ V100-C chassis with a built-in front splitter and rear diffuser, just like those on full-scale racing machines. Handling is neutral out of the box, but the chassis offers all kinds of tuning options that let you tailor the handling to your driving style.

The V100-C chassis gives you a balanced, neutral handling car with a wide range of tuning options. Its built-in front splitter and rear diuser match the look of those used on full-scale GT3 cars. It also features universal body mounts that are compatible with most other 1/10-scale bodies.



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