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6-Piston Brake Caliper Tape Dispenser by AUTOart

Carrying the automotive component as artistic inspiration model into the office, AUTOart has released these cool-looking tape dispensers modeled after a six-piston brake caliper.



AUTOart is pleased to announce the launch of its newest desktop accessory for office car enthusiasts. If your job requires you to brake for tape, there is no better way than with this 6-pot monoblock brake caliper tape dispenser designed and hand-crafted to look identical to those fitted on high-performance supercars. AUTOart’s engineers have taken the familiar form that peeks through the wheels of the world’s fastest automobiles and shrunk it to half the size of an actual caliper. As with our precision die-cast model cars, the caliper is made of hefty and durable zinc metal, which is die-cast and finished in one of four available colors, including black, red, yellow and green. The brake caliper dispenser weighs 467gm (around 1 lb.) and measures 131mm x 66mm (5.2” x 2.6”). Let’s face it, during a long workday, everybody could use a brake. Cellular tape not included.

Item No. 40273 red caliper
Item No. 40274 yellow caliper
Item No. 40274 black caliper
Item No. 40279 green caliper

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