8 Horsepower Air Blower by Griot’s Garage

Touches drying is a great way to dry a car without the risk of scratching your paint. This new 8 horsepower unit from Griot’s Garage is more than up to the task.

– George@ChoiceGear


Say goodbye to those nagging drips that emerge from seams, trim pieces, or grilles after washing your car and cut drying time by 80%.

Dry tires instantly so you can apply dressing right away. Get all the water off your wheels, brake rotors, and calipers in one fell swoop. Dry engine compartments, doorjambs, valances, seams, side-view mirrors, and more. Best of all, you never touch the paint, so creating swirl marks is impossible. The sturdy steel canister houses two twin-fan, four-horsepower motors combined to give you a whopping 8-peak horsepower. Each motor is controlled by a separate switch. When using both motors, the unit delivers a 58,500-feet-per-minute blast of clean, dry, warm air that feels like a jet engine. Each 18 amp 2,160-watt motor has two dual-stage fans and two speeds. A heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle is included along with five additional nozzles. The 30-foot-long, flexible, crush-proof, commercial-grade hose is 1.5″ in diameter for maximum airflow. The unit rolls on its own wheels with swiveling front casters, includes a wall-mount bracket, and features a 12-foot-long, commercial-grade, three-conductor power cord. Blower measures 10″ H x 6 1/2″ W x 22″ L. Forget the leaf blower and step up to a better solution!

More Information: GriotsGarage.com


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