A Squealing Tire is a Happy Tire T-Shirt by Carpe Viam

What motorhead doesn’t like the sound of a squealing tire?  While either doing a burnout or hitting the apex just right, the squeal of the tires combined with the roar of the engine is aural heaven!  Carpe Viam gets it right again with this Dunlop t-shirt.




From the moment I heard this phrase, I knew it had to be a shirt. For months though, I couldn’t settle on a design. But when I finally sketched this wheel/tire concept, I knew this was it! Complete with a vintage Dunlop racing wheel. This just might be my favorite design yet. I’m already wearing mine… Get yours!

Distress printed in Warm Black and Antique White on a premium blend (and super-soft) Charcoal t-shirt.

Small: Chest 38 / Body Length 28
Medium: Chest 41 / Body Length 29
Large: Chest 44 / Body Length 30
XL: Chest 47 / Body Length 31
XXL: Chest 50 / Body Length 32

More Information: CarpeViam.MyShopify.com


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