Alpine A110 Turbo by Otto Mobile (1:18 scale)

Otto Mobile are car and scale model enthusiasts.  They make faithful scale models that manufacturers never will.  Their philosophy is to offer the models to collectors in limited series, present at least one new model a month, & please as many people as possible.  They’ve accomplished that.  Check their website frequently to see the newest models.



Climbing into an Alpine A110 is a bit like going to church. You don’t rush into it, you take it nice and slow, slowly sliding in behind the leather bound wheel of the car. Probably one of the most recognisable cars for the brand, it remains to this day the most popular Alpine, to the point that it inspired its rebirth this past year. Designed to win rallies, the A110 had a very rare turbo variant made of it. The latter won the rally of Cevennes, opening the door for the incredibly overpowered engine in other competitions. Alpine would make history thanks to this berlinette that held its own against the likes of the Porsche 911.


  •  Units – 2000
  •  Scale – 1/18
  •  Manufacturing – 1972
  •  Couleur – Rally Cevennes



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