ARC AIR Track Day Set by Scalextric (1:32 scale)

Scalextric was unveiled at the Harrogate Toy Fair in 1957 and they haven’t looked back since.  They proved to be so popular that at one point, Scalextric was making over 7,000 cars a week!  For the feel of real racing on a much smaller and more affordable scale, you can’t go wrong with Scalextric.



The ultimate slot car race control system is here – Scalextric ARC – App Race Control!

Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) is a revolutionary slot car system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Download the ARC app, then connect your smart device via Bluetooth to the new ARC Powerbase, unlocking unique features and control of your Scalextric races.

Having leapt to stardom after appearing on the big screen in 2015’s James Bond SPECTRE, the Jaguar CX75’s speed, agility and low aggressive aerodynamics are perfectly matched with the McLaren P1, which began making its way to retail customers in the UK in October 2013. It is considered to be the long-awaited successor to the McLaren F1, utilizing hybrid power and Formula 1 technology.

These two Super Cars can now go head-to-head with the brand new ARC AIR app, making the race feel more real than ever before. Race Level: PRO. This item will be supplied with a US transformer

– McLaren P1
– Jaguar CX75
– 2 x Wireless hand controllers
– ARC AIR powerbase
– ARC Cradle
– 2 x Hairpin curve R1 90 deg
– 2 x Racing curve
– 3 x Standard straight
– 8 x Standard curve 45 deg
– 2 x Half straight
– 2 x Side swipe
– 2 x Long straight 584mm
– 4 x Braid plates
– Power & accessories

Features Include
– Manage your race on your smart device
– ‘Race Incidents’ feature
– Multiple 12 track layouts
– Five-and-out light start
– Lap counter
– Fuel usage
– Tyre wear
– Brake wear
– Pit lane pit stop
– Post-race statistics
– Variable weather conditions

ARC AIR Wireless Controllers
– Ergonomically designed
– Power level control
– Easy to bind to powerbase
– Feel the race with the rumble pack (easy toggle on/off)
– 5m range with 2.4Ghz wireless technology

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