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Armchair Luft Poltrona Frau by Audi

Designed by famed auto designer, Walter de Silva, and manufactured by the premium Italian furniture maker, Poltroon Frau, this exceptional armchair will be the centerpiece of your office.



The high-quality but functional Audi armchair “Luft” the impressive result of cooperation between Walter de Silva, Audi design and the Italian premium furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau. Details: Armchair made from soft, high-quality Poltrona Frau seat leather in Agatha Cognac which features in Audi vehicles as optional equipment. Armchair is constructed from aluminum as a symbol of Audi lightweight construction. Armrests form a curved line which recalls the extended wings of a bird. Perfect balance between high-tech and craftsmanship, design and material. Designed by Walter de Silva, Head of Volkswagen Group Design. Co-branding with Audi design and Poltrona Frau. Dimensions: 95.5 x 105.5 x 95 cm. Seat depth: 61 cm, seat height: 42.4 cm, armrest height: 58.5 cm. Material: 100% cowhide (tanned without the use of chromium) and aluminum.

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