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Audi Sport B&O™ Play H6 Headphones by Audi

When you get out of your Audi, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the crisp sounds of the Band and Olufsen sound system.  Now you can enjoy the same sounds wherever you go with the B&O Play H6 headphones available from Audi.



Crafted with care and tuned to deliver a great sound experience, the Audi Sport B&O Play H6 Headphones is a musical companion that you will cherish for life. Featuring aluminum and leather, the quality of these headphones is unmatched; just like your Audi. Attached is a remote with microphone optimized for iOS.Black. Leather earpads. Audi rings screened on left earpiece.

Bang and Olufsen™ is a registered trademark of B&O Play™.

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