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Baja Bug T-Shirt by Curb

Take it from us, spend a few minutes ogling this handsome Baja Bug distressed print profile design T-shirt from Curb and you’ll find yourself perusing Craigslist for something just like it. Warning, most specimens available on the market aren’t nearly as cool. So, while you hatch out a plan to build one for yourself, why don’t you just go ahead and buy the T-shirt.



The Baja Bug is an icon of So-Cal car culture. Typical of all west coast no 2 are alike, and their beauty lies in the personal touch and craftsmanship of their rough neck builders. These cars were originally built up in the late 60s as a low budget means of tearing up the deserts and beaches of Southern California and across the boarder into Mexico. They compete in events like the Baja 1000 to this day in the infamous Class 5. They play a supporting roll in the Dana Browns incredible documentary “From Dust to Glory” which if you haven’t seen I highly recommend!

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