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Black Land Rover Defender 110 by Wiking (1:87 scale)

Wiking specializes in model cars and trucks from the 1950s to the present. They use over 90 years of history to build perfectly detailed miniatures,



From the band, the Land Rover Defender 110 no longer runs, but still it is still one of the current vehicles on domestic roads. The off-roader with legendary history is worked out in detail, so that the roof is placed as a separate part with a surrounding rain gutter. WIKING chooses the five-door body with lateral fender extensions, which gives the Defender an imposing appearance in the 87-fold miniaturization. This, however, leaves nothing to be missed by his sportiness in all the classic values ​​of the Land Rover. The new model is designed as a left-hand drive and can be used alternately with and without a trailer coupling. Particularly noteworthy: WIKING equips the Defender with a perforated five-spoke aluminum rim, due to its appearance, makes the vehicle appear particularly impressive. WIKING has installed separate footboards for a further upgrade.



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