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Blue VW T2 Flatbed Van by Wiking (1:87 scale)

Wiking specializes in model cars and trucks from the 1950s to the present. They use over 90 years of history to build perfectly detailed miniatures,



So he stood reliably on the weekly market – the VW T2. The vegetable and fruit crates were stacked under the tarpaulin. In the case of the market feeders, the Pritschenbulli was popular in the everyday life colors of the Enzian blue, because it was always reliable. The VW T2 in its platform version at WIKING is a true transporter classic, which already coined the program of the 1970s. The fact that he is very popular in the recent past when it comes to mold revitalization caused the WIKING makers to construct a new tarp for the bunk. Now he also gets the contemporary rims that make the T2 even more authentic.



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