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BMW 3-Series (E30) Performance Guide: 1982-1994 by Robert Bowen via Amazon

There is a need for good reference manual as the BMW E30 grows older.  Robert Bowen has written a book that guides the BMW owner through various stages of performance upgrades.  A book every BMW E30 owners should have on their bookshelf.


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BMW has always had a reputation for quality in the cars it has exported to the United States. The BMW 2002 developed a cult following of loyal enthusiasts, and properly cemented BMW as a quality manufacturer of sporting sedans with this forerunner to the 3-series. BMW replaced the 2002 with the 3-series models in the 1970s, which heralded a new design, and new improvements annually, each one better than the last.

The model that truly launched BMW into the performance arena in the United States were the second generation of 3-series cars, the “E30” chassis cars. These 1980s and 1990s era cars were offered with a wide range of engine/transmission combinations, but the basic chassis was so well engineered that owners were able to enjoy an outstanding combination of comfort and handling performance regardless of the powertrain. Today, the E30 family of BMWs are both readily available and affordable, and are popular with enthusiasts wanting to personalize them.

Whether for on-track duty or simply improved street performance, the E30 series cars have proven to respond to well-chosen upgrades. Each specific section of the car (chassis, engine, transmission, etc.) is showcased and suitable performance upgrades are discussed in detail. Exterior appearance items are also covered, as are maximum wheel and tire sizes for the entire family of 3-series E30 BMWs. This book offers current and future owners a wealth of important information, including a buyer’s guide, year-by-year upgrades and changes, and more. This book is a valuable addition to every BMW owner’s library.

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