BMW M235I Cabrio by GT Spirit (1:18 scale)

GT Spirit has grown a strong name for itself in building some of the coolest resin models and yet holds them to a reasonable price. Porsche aficionados in particular should make sure they’re familiar with the manufacturer, given their breadth of scale model cars… just like this BMW M235I Cabrio.

– Bill@ChoiceGear


The series 2 cabriolet is bigger and far more comfortable than the series 1 that it has replaced, equipped with a lightened bonnet and defrosting rear window. Inside, the aluminium finish and the equipment is worthy of a supercar. The 2979 cm3 6-cylinder Turbo engine, with its 326 horsepower, is worthy of the brand, and sends all its power through a rear-wheel drive via a manual 6-gearbox (alternatively, an automatic 8). You won’t be driving with a breeze in your hair : more like a tornado.



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