1940 BMW 328 Mille Miglia Poster by Unique & Limited Gallery

Unique & Limited Gallery is a team of artists, automotive enthusiasts, and perfectionist. Every piece of artwork they create recaptures historic moments with new technology to preserve the past for future enthusiasts.  Add these beautiful works of art to your gallery.



To help celebrate BMW’s 100th anniversary, we thought it fitting to create an artistic tribute to what the Bavarian company considers its finest motorsport victory – the 1940 Mille Miglia. And there’s good reason: the BMW scored the overall win and the team win – as well as third, fifth and sixth place.The driver of the winning car was Huschke von Hanstein, but it was his co-driver, Walter Baumer, who took the chequered flag after an incredible driver swap just before the end of the race.

Our artwork is only one of two special pieces created to mark the occasion. And this luxurious, silver screen-printed poster is a limited edition of only 100 prints.

Details: Unique-Limited.com


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