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BMW Ready-To-Run E30 M3 Evo by Tamiya (1:10 scale)

Tamiya brings the fun in a 1:10 scale RC BMW E30 M3 Evo.  This RC has 4WD and will tackle any course with ease.  Time to bring the heat to the track…



The BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo was released in 1990. The BMW Sport was the third and final edition of the Evolution M3 series. The Sport includes many modifications from the standard M3 models that concentrate on performance racing. Due to Touring Car race rules, the Sport Evo displaced 2467cc to comply with the rule that required you to run “the same engine and displacement as the Homologated car”. This superb on-road vehicle is offered by Tamiya on the TT-01D Type E drift chassis and equipped with LED lights.

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