Brandpowder 911 DS – 1:18 Scale by AutoCult

It may look as if it is one cohesive design, but the 911 DS you see here never really existed. Dreamed up as an amalgamation of a classic Porsche 911 and a Citroen DS, CGI was as close as the car ever came to production… at least until AutoCult built this 1:18 scale version for a non-virtual reality. – George@ChoiceGear


Perfect Combination

The Brandpowder 911 DS – a fiction that was created by an US advertising company and was presented not only as a design it was presented as a true story and the reader could think that the model would have been created in 1:1. The motor magazine believed that story as well the readers.

We think that this fiction is an absolutely perfect styled symbiosis and it is a must to make that in our category “Sculptures 1/18” – limited to only 333pcs.

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