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Cambridge Nylon Apple Watch Band by NY

Too many logos make you a fan boy, so what’s a car enthusiast not seeking to look like a sellout to do? We’ll admit, we’re fans of finding creative ways to show your colors (or your stripes) that will accent that enthusiasm without branding yourself like a walking NASCAR cup car. These simple nylon designs from NY make for one such opportunity, in this case navy blue with white stripe that shares a look and feel with classic paint schemes from 60s era Ford racers. -George@ChoiceGear

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Nyloon has crafted a single durable Apple Watch nylon band with a comfortable, fabric-like feel.

Fits most wrist sizes and both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch series 3, series 2, and series 1.

  • Navy and White colours
  • 2 pieces ballistic nyloon band
  • 1.8mm thick
  • 140mm/80mm (8.6′′) in Length
  • Matching sewings
  • 9 holes to fit most wrist sizes

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