Chaparral Soft Shell Jacket by RetroMotoring & Co.

Adorned with the roadrunner logo of Chaparral Cars, this smart jacket will evoke memories of one of the most influential racing teams of the 60s and beyond.

Chaparral Cars was an American automobile racing team that engineered, built, and raced cars from 1963 to 1970.  They are instantly recognizable from the high mounted wings that changed racing forever.

With their premium apparel and accessories, RetroMotoring & Co. pays tribute to motorsports history. Relive the golden years with designs that feature the drivers, teams, and liveries beautifully captured by RetroMotoring & Co.



Retro meets Modern.

This fashionable light weight jacket allow motorsports enthusiasts to embrace retro styling while enjoying the comforts of modern science. Utilizing a combination of advanced manufacturing processes and high-tech materials our breathable, windproof, and water proof jackets will keep you ahead of the pack and the weather.

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