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Chris Piscitelli Freedom Fries Print by Curb

In addition to stylish t-shirts and books on how to design, render, or draw, Curb also offers beautiful prints by selected artists.  These would look great on your wall or desk.



Signed and framed prints by automotive designer Chris Piscitelli.

“Freedom Fries” Citroen Type H:
I’ve always loved the function over form methodology of the H vans, and thought it’d be a fun exercise to hillbilly one up, ‘Merica style. Now it’s about it’s about as French as a whopper. Couldn’t find much info on who originally designed the Type H, though I’m sure they’d be rolling in their graves.

100 limited edition signed 5″ x 7″ prints.

 Due to Chris’s insane schedule, prints may not be available immediately. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Feel free to contact us regarding timing.

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