Collector’s Edition Porsche 911R Poster by Unique & Limited Gallery

Unique & Limited Gallery is a team of artists, automotive enthusiasts, and perfectionist. Every piece of artwork they create recaptures historic moments with new technology to preserve the past for future enthusiasts.  Add these beautiful works of art to your gallery.



It has been 50 years since four drivers from Switzerland set out to break a number of time and distance records at Monza. This Collector’s Edition poster celebrates the record breaking Porsche 911R they drove in the attempt.

Originally, the 1967 record breaking attempt was meant for the Porsche 906. However, the 906 broke down and Porsche sent them replacement 911Rs instead to achieve their goal. The team set eleven records in the 2.0 liter class and five world records at 15,000km, 10,000 miles, 20,000 km, 72 hours, and 90 hours. The average speed recorded at the end of the over 20,000km run was 130.02mph.

The Collector’s Edition 911R poster has a handmade screen print layer and is limited to only 100 posters.



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