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Countach T-Shirt by Curb

For people of a certain age, the Lamborghini Countach is THE supercar of all times. From wall posters to Miami Vice, they seemed to be everywhere.  Curb has produced a t-shirt that sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  It’s time to relive that childhood of gazing at the Countach and longing to own one.



I like to think this is where it all started for me. It was the first 1:18 scale model on my shelf at about age 6 or 7. I knew I wasn’t supposed to play with it too much which kind of made it sacred to begin with, but as started to get deeper and deeper into car design I realized the effect this car had on multiple generations of young men. The Countach is the original street legal space ship, it’s impact hasn’t diminished a bit since Marcello Gandini penned it in 1970.


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