Daisy Duke’s Dixie Jeep (Women’s) T-Shirt by Neu Livery via TeePublic

There’s no doubt that The Duke’s of Hazzard was an ’80s pop culture icon far from short by the automotive product placement, even if it pre-dated widespread use of the product placement strategy by a decade or two. This artwork of Daisy Duke’s Jeep CJ-7 dubbed Dixie harkens the show, but with a more built and badass Jeep. Available on the TeePublic on-demand site, this means you can get it in your choice of color and style T-shirt, or any number of other articles of clothing and more.


After her cousins Bo and Luke destroyed her Dodge Challenger, Daisy Duke switched to a Jeep CJ named Dixie. While it likely was never as built as the one ins this stylized design from NeuLivery, we think Daisy would have liked this version of Dixie just fine.

More Information: TeePublic.com


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